• John Mars inherited $24 billion in 1999
  • Jacqueline Mars owns a horse farm in Virginia
  • Mars also manufactures gum and pet food

Jacqueline Mars and John Mars are worth several billions, which they got from inheriting the Mars empire.

The Mars siblings own about one third of the company. The other brother, Forrest Jr., passed away and his shares were distributed to his four children. The candy company is one of the world’s biggest and it has expanded beyond making sweet treats.

Frank Mars started the company in 1911 after learning how to make hand-dipped chocolates. His wealth grew together with wife Ethel Mars and they became elite members of the society. Soon, Forrest Sr. joined the company and used the formula for Milky Way Bar to develop other chocolate concoctions. According to Business Insider, the company is now synonymous to Mars Bar, 3 Musketeers, Twix, and M&Ms. Additionally, at least 400 million M&Ms are being produced daily in the U.S.

New M&M Hazelnut Flavor, Chocolate Bar Coming
Mars Incorporated announced a new flavor for M&M to be released in April next year. In this image: Crispy M&M's and Peanut M&M's made by Mars are seen on sale in a supermarket in London, Britain, April 19, 2018. Reuters/Peter Cziborra

When Forrest Mars Sr. passed away in 1999, his three children took over and they inherited a considerable fortune. Jacqueline Mars and John Mars were given $24 billion each while the stake of Forrest Mars Jr. was equally divided to his four daughters.

As of July 2020, John Mars’ net worth is at $28.9 billion. The 84-year-old billionaire lives with wife Adrienne Mars in Jackson, Wyoming. Forbes reports that the father of three was a graduate of Yale University. With his massive wealth, he is ranked 29th on the billionaires list of Forbes in 2020. There is little information as to how John lives his life and the opposite can be said of his sister, Jacqueline Mars. Both like to do things in a private way, but the latter is known to live in luxurious properties.

Jacqueline Mars served the company for decades as one of its board members. A different Forbes report reveals that her son, Stephen Badger, now sits as one of the board members of the company. The 80-year-old regularly donates to The Smithsonian and the National Archives. Mars has its own foundation, which helps causes related to education, environment and health, among others. The Bryn Mawr College alumna owns a horse house in Virginia.

The Mars family has kept away from the spotlight and managed their empire quietly. The company acquired Wrigley Jr. Company for $23 billion in 2008 and added two pet food brands under its portfolio. Aside from candies, Mars is now producing pet food and gum.

In 2019, Mars was valued at around $35 billion. It has certainly come a long way from being a candy company in its inception. With the members of the family doing a good job leading the company and still keeping the values and vision of the founder alive, experts see the company maintaining and even surpassing its value in the coming years.