Colorado wildfire
A victim of the Colorado wildfire was recently told he owes DirecTV $400 for lose of equipment after his house burned down. Above: Schad Dohl watches a wall of fire as it rages through Black Forest, Colo. Reuters

Black Forest wildfire victim Jeremy Beach lost his home and most of his possessions in the ongoing blaze in Colorado that killed two, destroyed over 15,000 acres of land and 379 homes but apparently, DirecTV hasn’t received that memo.

Beach, a nearby resident of Colorado Springs, Colo., where the blaze was most damaging, claims that he recently received a shocking admission from DirecTV while trying to cancel his service following the natural disaster. According to a report from The Gazette, Beach was told he owes $400 for destroying a satellite dish and two receivers.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the homeowner. “I had lost everything and they acted like they could care less.” Beach claims that he has little left after the blaze, only escaping with his pregnant wife, 5-year-old son, two dogs and a few personal items. “I need that money to rebuild my life: cups, plates, shoes, a new bike for my kid,” he said.

The homeowner claims upon hearing DirecTV’s request for payment, he hung up the phone in anger after the operator suggested he attempt to get his insurance company to cover the costs. “I tried to explain that a couple hundred dollars is nothing to them but a lot to me,” said Beach. “I need that money.”

DirecTV responded to the allegations Friday, telling NBC that the operator's actions were “wrong” and claiming that the company does their best to assist customers dealing with the repercussions of natural disasters. “We are contacting the customer to apologize and assure him and his family that we will do everything we can to help them through this difficult time,” said DirecTV spokeswoman, Jade Ekstedt.

According to The Gazette report, DirecTV has a history of being less than compassionate towards customers affected by wildfires. The cable company reportedly told residents of Waldo Canyon and Mountain Shadow, Colo. that they were also responsible for equipment costs in June 2012.