The oldest organization dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs has declared a January sighting over Jerusalem a hoax.

The Mutual UFO Network, dedicated to studying UFOs, had its chief photo and video analyst look at the footage and photos of a UFO sighted over Jerusalem on January 26. In a statement from the organization, Marc Dantonio, the analyst, said that the photos were almost certanly fakes. He described the video as 'computer generated.'

Dantonio summarised three traits of faked video and photos: lens flare with bright lights, making the focus look like it is going in and out, and passing the object behind another object to create the illusion of distance.

Some of the less obvious tell-tale signs, Dantoino said, include background noises, or the lack thereof. In this case there did not seem to be the usual sounds one would have outdoors.

Below is the video itself: