Jessica Dorrel with her ex-fiance Josh Morgan.
Jessica Dorrel with her ex-fiance Josh Morgan.

Much like Bobby Petrino's wife Becky, Josh Morgan has also been pulled into the storm of controversy surrounding the Petrino firing against his will.

Morgan was, or perhaps still is, the director swimming and diving operations for the University of Arkansas and was, Jessica Dorrell's fiancé until sometime just before the scandal broke.

He has been removed from the University's website and, a sight that covers high level swimming, reported on Wednesday that he had left his position with the university.

They have since updated the report to say that Arkansas public relations had contacted them to say that Morgan was still employed.

An Arkansas spokesman has said that Morgan is still employed by the school and his name is still listed on the campus directory, but the spokesman confirmed that he was not allowed to discuss Morgan's rule any further.

In the immediate aftermath of the scandal it was reported that Dorrell and Morgan were still engaged, but those reports changed quickly when AP confirmed that they were engaged at some time in the past but that Dorrell had ended it prior to her relationship with the coach becoming public.

Prior to his current position, Morgan was in the strength and conditioning department of the university.

Patrino admitted to the affair early this week, as well as admitting to giving Dorrell $20,000 and helping her get a job with the football team. He was fired by Arkansas both for his actions and for failure to disclose those actions when the accident happened.

The relationship came to light when Patrino crashed his motorcycle while on a ride with Dorrell on April 1. He initially referred to her as a Good Samaritan who was passing by, but later admitted she had been his passenger on the motorcycle.