• Joe Rogan has a net worth of around $100 million
  • His podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience" is downloaded 200 million times  every month
  • Rogan's stand-up comedy has been featured on Netflix

Rogan is the man behind “The Joe Rogan Experience,” a podcast which is only available previously on his Youtube channel. His podcast is one of the most popular in the U.S., with monthly downloads averaging 200 million per month. In 2019, it fetched a total of $30 million. 

The demand for his podcast has been high since 2019 where it ranked as one of the most searched podcasts on Spotify even if at the time, it was not available on the platform yet. This triggered Spotify to acquire the license deal of the “The Joe Rogan Experience” allegedly worth at least $100 million, which means it will only be available on its platform. It remains for free and Rogan gets to have the same creative freedom when it comes to content. This also means, only small parts of the show will be uploaded on his Youtube channel, per Business Insider

The 53-year-old has been in the entertainment industry for decades. He was featured in TV sitcoms such as "Hardball" and “NewsRadio.” Rogan also hosted “Fear Factor” for five years. Even though he had tasted success on TV, he still prefers doing stand-up comedy tours. His specials had been featured on Netflix and Comedy Central. But his humor may not be for all. 

UFC A general view during the UFC 200 event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, July 9, 2016. Photo: Getty Images/Rey Del Rio Critics claim Rogan toes the line between controversies. He talks about drugs, sex and the mysteries of life in his stand-ups and this spilled into his podcasts. Part of the reason why American men seem to dig his podcasts is because he features different personalities and makes them share stories that do not seem forced. Among the guests he had were Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Jack Dorsey, Kevin Hart and Robert Downey Jr. 

Combat sports fans will also identify the entertainer with Ultimate Fighting Championship. Rogan has been working with them as a commentator and post-fight interviewer. Because of the tremendous job he did with the UFC, he won the MMA Personality of the Year four times, a report from Celebrity Net Worth revealed. 

The competitive energy he brings to his work as a host, comedian, podcaster or commentator makes him relatable. According to Bloomberg, President Donald Trump even agreed to do a debate with rival Joe Biden but only if Rogan serves as the moderator. 

The seamless transition from politics to stand-up comedy makes Rogan one of the in-demand podcasters today. Like him or hate him, his opinions will hold weight no matter the controversies they bring.