John Edwards, the Man 'Rise So High and Crashes So Hard' [SlideShow]
John Edwards will likely go to trial in January 2012. REUTERS

John Edwards won't get the charges dropped in the campaign finance case against him.

The judge in the case against the former North Carolina Democratic senator will go to trial, Politico reported.

Edwards is accused ot improperly using secret donations to hide from the public his mistress an the fact that he got her pregnant.

Despite his lawyers calling the governments case crazy and radical according to ABC News, Edwards is moving forward and said he will be vindicated when the case comes to trial.

What's important now is that I now get my day in court, after all these years I finally get my day in court, Edwards said according to the Charlotte Observer. What I know with complete and absolute certainty is I did not violate any campaign laws.

Edwards is accused ot using $925,000 to pay for his mistress Rielle Hunter and their child during his 2008 run for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Politico reported.

The trial, Politico said, is set for January.