Hosni Mubarak
Judge ends live Mubarak trial broadcast Reuters

The trial of the former Egyptian president has been adjourned and banned from live broadcast, a judge in charge of the trail announced on Monday.

Judge Ahmed Refaat has delayed the trial until Sept.5th in order to combine Hosni Mubarak's trial with that of ex-interior minister Habib el-Adly and six ministry officials. All have been charged with ordering the killing of protesters who led to the ousting out of the former president.

"The decision to halt live broadcast of the trials came at the right moment after two days of Chaos inside the court," Ahmed Fawzy the head of the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement said, Haaretz reported. At least 20 people were injured in clashes between rival groups outside.

The trial has been fully televised so far. The 83-year-old former leader was shown being brought into the Cairo police academy where he was confined to a hospital bed in a barred unit.

His sons, Alaa and Gamal, who tried to shield him from the television cameras stood next to him, dressed in white prison uniforms.

From the start Judge Rifaat failed to maintain order battling with over 100 lawyers. Observers said the decision to halt live TV should make the work of the court easier, although opponents of Mubarak outside appeared angry, the BBC reported.

Aside from the chaos the broadcasting has caused in court, the former President has also been ridiculed, as private moments of him picking his nose in his hospital bed have become You Tube sensations globally, taking away the core focus from the trial.

Though the session will not be televised, all the plaintiffs' lawyers and media professionals will be allowed inside the court hall, without cameras, according to the BBC.