Justin Tuck is an imposing figure to offensive linemen, who now have more reason to fear the intimidating New York Giants defensive end. Tuck will be wearing a new facemask with a bunch of diagonal bars on his helmet that will make him look like a medieval warrior while also making it tougher to grab onto the headgear.

A photo of the Justin Tuck facemask was first posted on Twitter by Paul Lukas of uni-watch.com, a site that styles itself the obsessive study of athletics aesthetics.

Tuck made reference to the facemask on his Twitter account, where he has nearly 125,000 followers. Tuck said he believes the new design will be adopted by other NFL players.

Let's see how long it takes before they are making my face mask and seeking it, tweeted the the two-time Super Bowl-winning Giants defensive end.

The Justin Tuck facemask is getting rave reviews.

looks like a hockey goalie mask..youre a boss, wrote user Pat Scudiero.

User Paul Sabarese said he thought the Justin Tuck facemask was so outrageous he thought it was a joke.

that facemask is real? I thought that was an onion article, he wrote, referring to the satirical website.

The new Justin Tuck facemask isn't the first time the two-time Pro Bowler is tinkering with his helmet.

Tuck believed opponents were trying to exploit his neck injury two seasons ago and responded by adding six horizontal bars to his facemask to make it more difficult to latch onto the it, NFL.com reported. Four bars are typically attached to the facemask.

Tuck's redesigned facemask has five horizontal bars, but he added about a dozen diagonal bars, which will make it even tougher to get a hold of his facemask.

Twitter user @MattFoleyHere alluded to the change in response to Tuck's tweet.

@JustinTuckNYG91 Is that actually your new facemask? I thought the old one was intimidating enough O_o, he wrote.