Ray Kelly
Ray Kelly speaks at a press conference discussing the major takedown IBTimes

Despite unwavering support from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and NYPD spokesman Paul Browne remain in hot water after recent controversies.

Calls for the two to resign have come from Muslim groups and other critics, for their participation in The Third Jihad, an anti-Muslim film that was shown to at least 1,400 police officers for counter-terrorism training.

Critics have blasted Kelly for agreeing to sit down for an interview with the filmmakers and have accused Browne of trying to cover the whole scandal up.

There are too many instances where he has blatantly lied about what is going on with the NYPD to the taxpayers who pay his salary, City Councilman Jumaane Williams recently told reporters. Once, perhaps you could say it was a mistake. Twice, oops, I did it again. Three, four, five times: There's no excuse.

When news leaked of the video last January, Browne originally denied that it had been show to police officers, but soon after confirmed that the film had been to only a few offices a couple of times. However, The New York Times recently reported that the film had been shown to more than 1,400 police officers.

Also, after originally denying the commissioner's voluntary involvement in the film, Browne revealed that Kelly had agreed to sit down to an interview with the filmmakers.

[Browne] gives you the facts, always, as he knows them at the time, Mayor Michael Bloombeg said at a recent press conference. And later on, if he finds the facts that he gave you were wrong, he's not shy about standing up and correcting himself.

Kelly is also facing problems on the personal front, after his son, Good Day New York's anchor Greg Kelly, was accused of rape last week.

The woman came to the NYPD last Tuesday, claiming that the younger Kelly had raped her and gotten her pregnant three months ago. The police department turned the case over to the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

The commissioner refused to comment on the case at a recent press conference.