Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant is not pleased with his perception of being a "sensitive" player. In this picture, Durant #52 of the United States is interviewed during a practice session at the 2018 USA Basketball Men's National Team minicamp at the Mendenhall Center at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 26, 2018. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant spoke of his frustrations at how he is perceived by the media and public when he defends himself against criticism.

Durant faced plenty of scrutiny since leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in 2016. The main criticism is that he not only joined a team he could not beat, but also a team that didn't really require his help as they had just won an extraordinary 73 regular season games at the time, in effect, "ruining" the league.

Despite winning two straight championships since then, including being awarded consecutive Finals MVP awards in the process, Durant has regularly defended his move and himself from critics both in interviews and on social media.

Most recently, he exchanged heated words with Portland's CJ McCollum on Twitter about his move to the Warriors, following comments they made at each other on the latter's podcast on Wednesday. Durant would reply to other social media critics as well and is perplexed at how he is considered "sensitive" just for defending himself.

"Oh yeah," Durant responded when asked if he was tired of people telling him to be quiet, as per ESPN. "I mean, it is just to the point that I know what you're upset at. Just say it instead of make excuses. Know what I'm saying? I got too many texts or I talk too much on Instagram or I talk too much on Twitter or I don't know how to talk to my teammates, or I am angry or insecure or sensitive. Tell me what the real problem is."

"Because every time I say something, I go about my business, and when I say something, House of Highlights and Bleacher Report [mash] it all up and y'all run with it, and as soon as I say something back, I'm the sensitive one. I mean, I know y'all trying to make me look crazy and discredit me and strip me of my credibility. But I see what you doing. But I'm going to still keep standing."

Durant though, would play down his feud with McCollum.

McCollum spoke of his frustration at how DeMarcus Cousins moved to the Warriors, giving the Bay Area side the possibility of fielding a starting lineup solely consisting of All-Stars. Durant did not see a problem with it and retorted that Portland was never going to win a championship.

The Portland guard would then take to Twitter to speak about Durant's "soft" move to the Warriors. However, Durant says there is no "beef" and that he plans on having wine with McCollum.

"This is not East Coast-West Coast beef," Durant added. "CJ, I am going to have some wine with him in New York when he gets back from China and take a picture if you all really don't believe me."

Durant is currently with Team USA Basketball during their three-day minicamp in preparation for the inaugural FIBA Basketball World Cup next year.