According to a study by Pew Research Centre, the gender pay gap has stayed relatively stable throughout 2020; women on average earned 84% of what their male counterparts earned. But for Kevin J Donaldson, founder of Real Wealth Solutions® and author of ‘10 Secrets of the New Rich’, this does not sit right.

Having grown up in Crown Heights - a ‘bad neighbourhood’ in Brooklyn, New York - Kevin had to overcome his family’s initial dependence on state dependence due to his mother’s disability and achieve financial freedom. He hopes to share his guidance on the matter and enable anyone to achieve this independence, regardless of gender.

What Is Real Wealth Solutions®?

Real Wealth Solutions® is the platform designed by Kevin to ‘eliminate poverty and reduce governmental dependence’ using the lessons he has learned over 22 years of life and business experience. According to Kevin, the basis of financial security is life insurance, through which a person can buy net worth and provide liquid for their family.

Kevin thoroughly believes that state benefits create dependence, which his business hopes to break. His disappointment with national education in the US manifests itself in the form of the absence of financial education from the curriculum. He wholeheartedly believes that this should be basic knowledge everyone should possess, so created a resource designed to provide this information earlier on so people don’t need to make mistakes in order to learn.

Life insurance facilitates growth because it leads people to be healthier and have better relationships, which is empowering. So as a licensed life insurance broker, representing over 70 different life insurance companies in eight states, Kevin certainly has the knowledge and experience to be able to help people build this financial stability.

Real Wealth Solutions® is designed for the way in which people want to shop for insurance: the same way they buy everything else - online. It offers free online quotes through which prospective clients can see premium and coverage information. This platform allows anyone, irrespective of gender, to gain financial freedom - thus paving the first steps to bridging the gender gap.

Plans Moving Forward

Of course there is a natural limit to the amount of people that can be helped with a private service, with an issue such as the gender pay gap, the problem is much more systemic. As such, the solution needs to be much more holistic, which is why Kevin plans to become President in future: to establish laws that are more protective of people’s civil liberties.

Kevin realised early on that most successful Presidents had one thing in common: they studied law. Therefore, with a background in healthcare and experience in business, an in-depth knowledge of the law was the only aspect he surmised he was missing in order to recreate the perfect candidate. One that is well-rounded and balanced.

He draws heavy inspiration from Thurgood Marshall, the first black Justice of the Supreme Court, hoping to sort out laws that are simply wrong; challenging them in order to change them. The only way to have a significant enough impact would be through gaining knowledge of the law and becoming President.

Kevin certainly has much to offer the world in terms of life and business through the medium of politics. His holistic approach to success and relationships are important and need to be statutorily reflected. 

Closing Statement

On balance, Kevin is well on his way to righting the wrongs of the world by spreading financial freedom, one of those wrongs being the gender pay gap. The great adversity he has had to overcome to be in the position he is in today has rendered him incredibly experienced and in the perfect position to be giving advice on the matter through his platform Real Wealth Solutions ®.

Despite the massive utility it applies, if the problems Kevin is trying to solve are ever to be truly fixed, a more systemic resolution must be provided. This is why he has sought out endeavours that he believes will shape him up correctly for the role of President (such as his military experience in the Air Force, his hope to study law in the future and his business experience), so that he is in the best position to put an end to the existence of such issues that violate people’s civil liberties, such as the gender pay gap.