Nene Hilario
Denver Nuggets center Nene (L) goes up for a shot past Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka in Game 3 of their NBA Western Conference basketball playoffs in Denver April 23, 2011. Reuters

In yet another indication that Denver Nuggets center Nene Hilario will test the free agent market, Nene has decided not to play for the Brazil national team during the FIBA Americas Championship.

The decision is a big blow to the Brazil team, but Nene is likely thinking about his own health status in order to test the free agent market.

If Nene got hurt during the tournament, he could lose out on a major payday as the top free agent this year.

Teams that could be interested in the services of Nene include the Golden State Warriors who desperately need an big man to complment David Lee. The Warriors recently solicited an offer from the Houston Rockets for Andris Biedrins in exchange for Hasheem Thabeet and Jordan Hill.

The New York Knicks may also be interested in the services of Nene since the only center on the team's payroll is Ronny Turiaf.

However, the Knicks only want to sign one-year deals to vie for the 2012 free agent class of Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams. Nene is not likely to take a one year deal.

Instead, the Knicks are rumored to be interested instead in the services of Kwame Brown of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Last year, Nene averaged career highs with 14.5 points and a 62.5% field goal percentage. In addition, Nene had near-career highs in free-throw percentage at 71.1% and rebounding at 7.6 per game.

Nene has the ability to opt-out of his current contract with the Nuggets by June 30. If he doesn't opt out, he would be paid $11.6 million by the team.

The NBA Collective Bargaining agreement also ends on June 30 and the owners and players have not come to an agreement.

Any free agent or extension deal not signed by June 30, will be subject to any new agreement that comes out.

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