• Stoichkov feels Barca deserves title
  • Stoichkov provides alternative if season is scrapped
  • Games could be played indoors

A dark cloud shrouds over international football and there is the lingering possibility that the season could be scrapped. League officials continue to leave doors open although the number of COVID-19 deaths and infections is pushing them towards uncharted territory. If nothing is resolved soon, scrapping the season may just be the only solution for everyone's sake.

For former Barcelona star Hristo Stoichkov, it may be in the best interest of La Liga to end the season now and spare anyone from possibly contracting the virus. With more than 12,640 deaths in Spain and over 69,450 globally, seeing football action resume at some point moving forward is not looking so bright.

If that is the final recourse, the next thing that needs to be addressed is figuring out the champion for the coronavirus-marred season. For the 54-year-old, reigning champion Barcelona should be crowned champions if no more games are played, reported.

A reason behind that is like because of where teams are now in the table. Before league action was suspended, Barca held a two-point lead over Real Madrid. Cadiz and Real Zaragoza, on the other hand, occupied the promotional places over in the Segunda Division. The top two teams from the Segunda Division could be promoted to have a 22-team league, according to Stoichkov via the Evening Standard.

"Many teams could stay up at the bottom, there are a lot of matches left," Stoichkov said. "They could leave the league as it is, have no relegation and the top two from Segunda could get promoted to have a 22 team league. Because they have also done a lot of work to win many matches."

If that holds up, the decision is not likely to be spared from criticism from other teams and personalities. On the part of Barca, being declared champions on a scrapped season is something that even Quique Setien may not be too proud of sharing.

Finally and if for some reason play would be allowed to resume, it would be held behind closed doors for obvious safety reasons. But as suggested by Mediapro Chief Jaume Roures, holding a pre-season may be needed considering most players have been out of action for some time.

"It will return without an audience, surely, but before that they have to do a pre-season. After so long at home, they can't go out and play as if nothing happened," he said.

Setien (R) refused to comment on the controversy
Setien (R) refused to comment on the controversy AFP / LLUIS GENE