Los Angeles Police Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to shut down red-light traffic cameras at 32 intersections, saying it costs too much and doesn't reduce safety.

The cameras could be shut down in as early as a few weeks if City Council doesn't step in to stop it.

LAPD and other police departments say that the red-light cameras helped reduce accidents by deterring motorists from running red lights and making illegal turns, but critics question the claim and maintain that the cameras cause rear-end collisions when drivers slam on their brakes.

And despite supporters' claim that camera program pays for itself, an audit by Controller Wendy Greuel found the numbers to be inaccurate.

Since 2004 when the camera system was implemented, over 180,000 motorists in the city alone received tickets, mostly for illegal right-hand turns.

The Council needs 10 votes to override the Commission's decision. If enough votes are collected, the matter would then be turned over to the council's public safety committee.