A 33-year-old lawyer is suing a woman for using his sperm without consent to impregnate herself. MiamiAccidentLawyer/Pixabay


  • The man alleged that the woman "intentionally impregnated herself" using his sperm without his consent
  • He claimed that he suffered emotional distress from the alleged illegal use of his sperm
  • A Dutch sperm donor alleged to have fathered at least 550 children is facing a lawsuit

A 33-year-old lawyer in England is reportedly suing a woman for allegedly using his sperm to become pregnant without his consent.

The man, identified as James May, of Cambridge, claimed that he suffered emotional distress after learning that he had been allegedly duped by the woman, U.K.'s The Sun reported, citing documents submitted to London's High Court.

May claimed that the woman "intentionally impregnated herself" in June or July 2018.

May said he only found out about her alleged actions four months later, according to the court papers.

As a result, the lawyer is now seeking £50,000 ($62,000) in damages due to her alleged "negligence," "deceit" and "conversion" – a legal term that means to interfere with someone's possessions without lawful justification.

The woman was not named in the report but is said to be in her 30s. It is unclear what her relationship with May is.

The case is believed to be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, according to the outlet.

"It's highly unusual," family law expert Anuradha Kurl told the outlet. "If it emerges a child was born and the claimant's the legal father, he's opening himself up to financial contributions and emotional turmoil he, the mother and child would no doubt endure."

No other detail about the lawsuit has been revealed as of this writing.

In related news, a 41-year-old Dutch sperm donor is facing a civil lawsuit from the Donorkind Foundation, a Dutch organization that facilitates the reunion of donor children, for allegedly increasing the risk of accidental incest.

The sperm donor, identified by the Times of London as Jonathan Jacob Meijer, allegedly fathered at least 550 children in the Netherlands and internationally with his donated sperm.

The lawsuit calls on the court to impose measures to stop the man from fathering more children. It also requests that all stored semen samples from Meijer be destroyed, except for those reserved for women who have already had his child and want a genetic sibling.

Under Dutch guidelines, donors are not allowed to father more than 25 children or impregnate more than 12 women.

The reason behind this guideline is to avoid unintentional incest and potential psychological problems for donor children who discover they have hundreds of siblings.

Meijer was blacklisted in the Netherlands in 2017 for fathering 102 children after donating sperm in 11 different fertility clinics.

Despite this, he allegedly continued to donate sperm overseas or online.

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A 41-year-old sperm donor is being sued for fathering at least 550 children. IVMED Family Agency