‘League of Legends’
The "League of Legends" Championship League is live-streaming the EG Raidcall and Copenhagen Wolves match. Watch it here. Riot Games

'League of Legends,' the widely popular real-time strategy game released in 2009, will be concluding its second season of competitive play on October 13st. Publisher Riot Games revealed that players will have off for a $3 million prize pool, which is the largest prize in eSports history.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena in which players compete in teams for dominance, selecting from a growing cast of over 90 uniquely powerful champions, as Riot Games describes in their press release.

The second showdown began in November 2011, with the League of Legends players battling head-to-head in the Challenger Circuit events on their way to the finals. By the time the tournament is over, Riot will have awarded a total of $5 million in prize money, which includes the jackpot of $3 million and prizes for pre-championship brackets.

We've already awarded more than $1,000,000 in prize money to the incredible competitors of 'League of Legends' this season, Riot co-founder and CEO Brandon Beck said in the press release. It's been humbling to watch the level of competition and the enthusiasm of the live audiences-it's something you really have to see in person.

Each circuit boasts more than two million viewers, attracting a larger audience than a Major League Baseball game on ESPN, Riot co-founder Marc Merrill added in the written statement.

It's incredible to think about, he said.

The World Championship will be hosted at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, with 12 teams facing off, after winning the following upcoming regional competitions:

- Mainland China: July 26th, Shanghai, China at China Joy (two teams)

- Europe: August 16th- Cologne, Germany at Gamescom (three teams)

- North America: August 31st, Seattle, Wash. United States at PAX Prime (three teams)

- Korea: September 21st, Seoul, Korea at the OGN eSports Stadium (two teams)

- Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau: September 22nd, Taipei, Taiwan at G1 (one team)

- Southeast Asia: September, Singapore at Garena Carnival (one team)

Fans are starting to gear up for this summer's big events, with only about three months before regional competitions begin. In preparation for the championship, here's a list of some the game's most popular characters from around the web:

1. Nocturne the Eternal Nightmare. This sinister competitor uses his Duskbringer Blade ability to deal physical damage to all enemies it passes through. This leaves a Dusk Trail on its path, causing champions who are hit to also leave a Dusk Trail when they move, lasting for five seconds.

2. Sona Buvelle, the Maven of the Strings. Sona is known for her stance mechanic, with her basic abilities featuring a persistent aura effect. This remains until she activates another ability. This songstress uses the Hym of Valor ability to give any nearby allied champions bonus attack damage and ability power until she changes stances.

3. Riven the Exile. Riven's Broken Blade iconic sword lashes out on enemies in a series of powerful slashes, damaging any opponents in range. The ability can be activated again after four seconds. She is also hard to gank and features an incredible interrupt stun

4. Fizz the Tidal Trickster. Fizz is a dexterous character with the ability to perpetually ignore unit collision and take reduced physical damage for from auto attacks. His Urchin Strike ability features a range of 550, and other abilities include the Seastone Trident and the Trickster.

5. Kassadin the Void Walker. This fierce fighter uses is Null Sphere ability fire an ethereal bolt of void energy to a single target, dealing magic damage and silencing the target for a few seconds.

Check out the official trailer for the season two championship below.