Last Friday, city official Lei Zhengfu was removed from his post as district party secretary in China after a five-year-old sex tape was leaked by a journalist. But now, Zhu Ruifeng said the girl in the video was offered as a bribe and claims he has tapes of similar nature of other city officials.

The sex tape of Lei Zhengfu and an 18-year-old woman who was not identified went viral last month despite being filmed five years prior in what The Associated Press called an "apparent extortion attempt." The tape was uploaded by Beijing-based former journalist Zhu Ruifeng on Nov. 20, subsequently going viral on the internet.

Zhu Ruifeng told The Associated Press that he received the tape from an anonymous source inside the Chongqing Public Security Bureau. He also said the woman was hired by a construction company to sleep with Lei Zhengfu in exchange for construction contracts and to extort business.

He added Lei Zhengfu reported the extortion to Chongqing officials in 2009, prompting the detainment of the woman for a month and the jailing of a construction boss.

But the scandal does not end there. Zhu Ruifeng said he has more sex tapes showing city officials in lewd, sexual acts. He said, though, he will not release the tapes of Chinese officials until he verifies with his source at the Chongqing Public Security Bureau.

Screenshots from the tape showing Lei Zhengfu and the woman having sex were passed around on China's Weibo and became the butt of many Internet meme jokes and roused controversy.

Lei Zhengfu was then fired from his post last week as a city official in Chongqing’s Beibei District formerly led by politician Bo Xilai. News of the sex tape comes after Bo was purged after his wife was convicted of murdering a British businessman. The fallen politician himself faces charges of corruption and obstruction of justice.

"The party is already reeling from the scandal that triggered Bo's purge and further battered the party's reputation in the public mind," The AP reported. "Chongqing, the city that he ran, has been depicted by prosecutors and state media as rife with cover-ups, abuse of power and corruption."

The AP reported via Xinhua news Monday that the city's corruption watchdog will investigate Lei Zhengfu as part of China's new leadership strategy of anti-corruption.