Leibby Kletzky
Leibby Kletzky found dead Kletzky family

Authorities have found the body parts of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky of Brooklyn, in a refrigerator of a man, who was apprehended and is being questioned by authorities today.

Kletzky, the Brooklyn boy who disappeared on Monday en route home from summer camp, was seen on a surveillance camera being followed by a 38-year-old man, who is now in custody. The name of the suspect has not been released but is in custody with the police with interrogation underway.

Leiby's body parts, including his severed feet, were found in the suspect's refrigerator in his attic apartment. Other remains believed to be Kletzky's were found in a suitcase deposited in a black garbage bag in a dumpster of another Brooklyn neighborhood, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

Kletzky was last spotted around 5 p.m. carrying a backpack before he went missing near a dentist's office. The suspect in custody has been traced as present in that location during the time of the kidnapping to pay a dentist bill. Information was given by the receptionist of the dentist's office in order for police to detain the man.

Surveillance footage shows Kletzky walking behind a bearded man who entered and drove off in a gold sedan. The video does not show Kletzky getting into the vehicle or the car's passenger side.

Leiby Kletzky's disappearance had sparked a frenzied search by hundreds of members of his community since he disappeared walking home from camp in Brooklyn on Monday. His parents reported that the child usually doesn't walk home alone and was allowed just this one time on conditions to meet his parents halfway from their home. When the 8-year-old never met his mother at a spot located one block away from the camp, police were notified and the search began, sparking interest in the Orthodox Jewish community.

NYPD searched each house within the neighborhood and by helicopter along with agents from the FBI.