NASA is giving away space shuttle heat shield tiles and dehydrated astronaut food to eligible schools and universities in an effort to preserve the Space Shuttle Program's history.

The lightweight tiles protected the shuttles from extreme temperatures when the orbiters re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, NASA said on its Web site. The food, which was precooked or processed so that refrigeration is unnecessary, is ready to eat or could be prepared simply by adding water or by heating.

There are approximately 350 packaged meals up for grabs. Each package contains an entrée, a dessert, and a drink packet.

None of this food is meant for consumption, only for educational purposes, according to NASA.

Since the items are government property, a transfer protocol is observed, NASA said on its Web site. The shipping and handling fee for Tiles for Teachers is $23.40 and the fee for Space Food for Schools is $28.03.

Schools can make the request for food or tiles at the following link: