Murder suspect Levi Aron is escorted out of a New York Police Department precinct in Brooklyn
Murder suspect Levi Aron is escorted out of a New York Police Department precinct in Brooklyn Reuters

Levi Aron, the man who has confessed to abducting. murdering and dismembering an eight-year old Brooklyn boy, has been formally charged with the killing in a New York court.

Kings (Brooklyn) County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said he will ask a grand jury to impose the maximum charges permitted by law for the vicious and callous murder and dismemberment of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky.

Aron’s defense attorneys Pierre Bazile and Gerard Marrone told the court that their client “hears voices” and have requested an exam to ascertain if he understands the charges against him.

Aron is currently under suicide watch until psychiatrists can conduct a full mental evaluation.

However, during the arraignment he showed no emotion and did not enter a plea.
Earlier he expressed his sorrow over the grief he has caused, according to Ray Kelly, New York Police Commissioner.

Kelly said his detectives found the remains of the boy in a freezer in Aron's Brooklyn apartment and in a garbage bin more than two miles away. The child is believed to have suffocated to death.

Kelly expressed his revulsion over the tragic case.

Obviously in this business you see a lot of violence, but there's usually some sort of irrational twisted logic that's given to why a violent event took place, he said.

Here, I mean it's just, it defies all logic and I think that's what's really so, so terribly disturbing about this case. There's absolutely no reason. There's nothing more innocent than an 8-year-old child and to be, you know, killed in this manner it's just ... heartbreaking.

The local Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind told reporters: We're all in shock. What kind of people are out there that are capable of creating these dastardly acts?

Aron's next court date will be July 28.