• The TVs may become unstable while they're on the stand
  • Four models are affected by the recall
  • The recalled products were also sold in Mexico and Canada

LG Electronics has recalled 52,000 86-inch smart TVs and stands because they pose "serious" tip-over and entrapment hazards.

The problem with the recalled TVs — which weigh about 100 pounds — was that they may "become unstable" while they're on the stand, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced. It could "result in injuries or death to children and others."

Although this may not be something that people consider while buying appliances such as television sets, tip-over and entrapment are very real hazards, especially when it comes to kids.

For instance, an annual average of 22,000 Americans had to be taken to hospital emergency rooms for tip-over injuries from 2018 to 2020, according to a CPSC report. Of them, 44% were under 18 years old even though kids only represent 22% of the population.

Furthermore, there were 581 reported tip-over-related fatalities from 2000 to 2020, a whopping 81% (472) of which involved people younger than 18 years old.

"184 (32%) involved only a television," the report noted. "174 (30%) involved furniture and a television both tipping over."

There have been 22 reports of instability related to the recalled LG TV stands, 12 of which led to tip-overs. Fortunately, there have been no injuries, but the company has urged consumers to detach the stands "immediately" and put them in a place far from kids.

"Contact LG Electronics for instructions on how to inspect the unit and to obtain replacement screws and stand parts, including help from a technician for a free repair," the announcement read.

The recall affects four models of the 86-inch smart TV: 86UQ8000AUB, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD and 86NANO75UQA. The recalled serial numbers begin with 202RM, 203RM, 204RM, 205RM, 206RM, 207RM or 208RM.

Customers can find this information at the bottom right of the back of their TV units. However, they can also press the mute button on the LG-provided remote control three to five times rapidly until the model and serial numbers appear.

You can check on LG Electronics' website whether your unit is included in the recall using the model and serial numbers.

Some possible common mistakes that people can make while entering the serial number include swapping the letter O and the number 0 (zero), as well as the letter "S" and number "5," the company noted.

In total, some 52,000 units are affected by the recall. About 2,900 of them were also sold in Mexico and 1,800 in Canada.

Those with questions can contact LG Electronics at 800-243-0000 or text "STAND" to 256-888-9977.

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LG Electronics' flat-screen TVs are displayed at a store in Seoul, South Korea. Reuters