Moussa Koussa
Moussa Koussa Reuters

The British foreign ministry is reporting that Moussa Koussa, Libya's former foreign minister, has arrived in the UK and is resigning from his post.

The ministry noted that Moussa arrived at Farnborough Airport, in Hampshire, from Tunisia and that he had travelled to Britain under his own free will.

The statement said: He has told us that he is resigning his post.

Koussa apparently told UK officials that he was no longer willing to represent the Gaddafi regime internationally.

However, a Libyan government spokesman insisted Koussa, who has held the foreign ministry job for two years, did not defected, but was travelling abroad on a diplomatic mission.

It was reported earlier reported by Tunisian media that Koussa had spent two days in the country for a “private visit.”

But a Libyan government spokesman has insisted Mr Koussa was travelling abroad on a diplomatic mission.

The British government earlier had expelled five Libyan diplomats who were accused of supporting Gaddafi’s regime.

According to BBC, Koussa was most likely debriefed by intelligence officials.

What is not clear is whether he has arrived simply to escape, or to play a wider role in any opposition to Col Gaddafi, a BBC correspondent wrote.

Clearly his defection, if that's what it becomes, will be used to urge others to follow suit and claim the regime is losing support.

Koussa has not yet met with Prime Minister David Cameron nor Foreign Secretary William Hague, but it is believed he has had some kind of contact with Hague in recent weeks.