Comedy video website Funny Or Die has released “Little Knockers,” a parody of the hit HBO series “Hard Knocks,” which focuses on the trials of a pee wee football team.

“Little Knockers” is a faux documentary focused on the Vikings, a pee wee football team that finished last season “one win away from the Under-85 Pound division title. “Parks & Recreation” star Jim O’Heir stars as Bruce Kilmer, a snarling, overweight head coach who doesn’t mind screaming at 11-year-olds if it means that the Vikings will take home a championship.

The skit does a great job of the NFL stereotypes that are commonly featured on “Hard Knocks.” In “Little Knockers,” the Vikings coaching staff attempts to deal with subpar practices, a disgruntled star player who “holds out” of training camp,” and a star running back with an attitude problem.

One of the episode’s highlights occurs when the Vikings discuss the absence of their star 11-year-old, a “defensive virtuoso” who is “holding out” of the team’s training camp. “His mother remarried in June, his step-dad is some sort of hippie guy, and he doesn’t want his son playing football,” an assistant coach tells Kilmer. “He’s not even his real dad!” Kilmer responds.

Another hilarious scene features Timmy Kowalski, a much-hyped running back who just moved into town. Kowalski fires off some of the best one-liners in the entire skit. “Do you wanna know why they call me Shakespeare? All I do is make plays, b----!” he tells another player.

“Little Knockers” is a hilarious parody of “Hard Knocks,” from the dramatic introductory music to the overzealous, verbally aggressive coaches. The Funny Or Die skit can be viewed below.

“Hard Knocks,” an HBO series which tracks the exploits of an NFL team throughout training camp, has aired since 2001. The Cincinnati Bengals were featured on this past summer’s incarnation of the show.