coronation st
Cryptocurrency was part of a major theme this week on the Coronation street. Here, the famous Coronation St soap opera street sign hangs on the wall of the Rovers Return on Nov. 21. 2014 in Manchester, England. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Cryptocurrency is now a plot feature on the UK soap opera called 'Coronation Street,' Forbes reported. The show, airing since 1960, is currently the UK’s longest-running television soap. Each episode is watched by about 8 million people.

One of the recent episodes makes a reference to bitcoin (termed whipcoin for some inexplicable reason). Ryan Connor, a fictional character from the show, reveals how he invested $65 in the cryptocurrency a long time ago and is now astonished to find out its value has apparently increased to $327 million after doing some research. Connor later realizes his research was wrong and old, as his investment is actually now almost worthless.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have made their way into songs like Eminem’s Not Alike -Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin- and a number of TV shows like “Family Guy” and the Emmy Award-winning “The Big Bang Theory.” Not just cryptocurrency but blockchain is also embraced by popular culture. Back in 2014, Toby Granger delivered a song called “Welcome to the Blockchain” that featured opening lyrics referring to the “precipice of a global revolution."

Now in 2018, cryptocurrency is expected to make an entrance on the silver screen through an upcoming film aptly named 'Crypto.' Starring Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls fame, the movie is expected to touch on topics related to virtual currency, hacking and online security.

Netflix, in June, released an episode of Explained that tags bitcoin as ‘the beautiful anonymity of cash.' It explains how cryptocurrencies came into existence and what made bitcoin or cryptocurrencies so popular. The popular entertainment company also produced an exclusive documentary called ‘Banking on Bitcoin,' which features interviews with enthusiasts and experts.

Many bitcoin and cryptocurrency speculators think that featuring cryptocurrencies in popular culture is a market for investment that grows to include the newer generation, it could mean a surge of investment — pushing bitcoin prices far and above their all-time highs.

Bitcoin hit a huge $19,000 late last year, drawing many other major cryptocurrencies with it, but last year's bull run has collapsed in 2018, as tracked by CoinMarketCap. The currency has fallen considerably from its all-time high, the price has sunk up to 65 percent from its all-time high and is currently around the $6,500 mark as investors and traders anticipate regulatory approval which could send bitcoin and cryptocurrencies higher across the board.