Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal praised two teachers for their heroic actions that helped save other people after a gunman opened fire killing two people and injuring several at the Grand Theatre in Lafayette, about 135 miles west of New Orleans, NBC reported.

Jindal said that one teacher saved another’s life by jumping in front of her when the gunman opened fire. He also said that the second teacher pulled a fire alarm. "Both teachers got shot but the second one, the one who got saved, even though she got shot she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm and save other lives," he reportedly said.

Jindal, who reached Lafayette late Thursday, condemned the shooting. "Whenever we see these or hear about these senseless acts of violence, it makes us both furious and sad at the same time," Jindal said at a news conference, ABC News reported.

Stand-up comedian Amy Schumer, who starred in “Trainwreck,” which was the movie that was playing in the Lafayette theater at the time of the fatal shooting -- reacted to the incident late Thursday.

According to Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft, the gunman was a 58-year-old "lone white male" who killed himself after opening fire at about 100 people who were present in the theater at the time. Craft said the man, whose name was not disclosed, has a criminal record that dates back several years. The authorities identified his vehicle and called a bomb squad after a suspicious package was spotted inside the vehicle.

At least seven people ranging in ages from the late teens to the 60s were injured in the shooting that killed two people.

"We will get through this, we're a resilient community. This is an awful night for Lafayette, this is an awful night for Louisiana, this is an awful night for the United States," Jindal reportedly said.