Kevin Ware, the Louisville guard who suffered a gruesome broken leg during an Elite Eight game against Duke on Sunday, confirmed on Twitter Tuesday that he’ll be back on court “next season.”

As Ware begins his long journey to recovery, he has taken to Twitter to express gratitude to his fans and speculate on an upcoming comeback. He was released from his Indianapolis hospital on Tuesday after a Sunday surgery.

“I'm thankful for all the support I'm receiving right now. Never thought I'd be the talk of the country,” Ware tweeted on Monday, simultaneously debuting a new Twitter avatar depicting a Louisville Cardinal with a leg cast.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that Ware tweeted he would be back on the court by next year’s basketball season.

“ill be back by next season,” Ware reportedly tweeted, though it seems the tweet was later deleted.

Still, despite the lack of an exact timeline for when Ware will be back on the court, the Louisville guard believes he will be playing basketball again before too long. While his injury, which sent his tibia bone sticking out of his shin, looked horrendous, doctors insist that he will one day be able to play basketball again.

"This is a minor setback for a major comeback," Ware told the New York Daily News on Tuesday. "I have to have the right approach to it. They told me things are gonna be good for me. This is not a lifetime injury where I can never play basketball again.

"But getting to where I want to be and where I need to be is gonna take some time."

When Ware finally does recover, it appears he won’t have to worry about with large medical bills. According to USA Today, Ware’s Louisville insurance will cover all his costs, and he and his family will not be stuck with a large tab at the end of his recovery.

"There is generally no out-of-pocket medical expenses for the student-athlete or his family, and none for Kevin in this instance," Kenny Klein, Louisville's athletic spokesman, told USA Today.