Apple is pulling out the older non-Retina MacBook Pro models that from its retail stores in the U.S. It may be an indication that the company will be launching a revamped MacBook Pro 2016 notebook in the near future.

According to Apple Insider, an employee from Apple Store located in Austin revealed that the outlet has stopped selling non-Retina Macbook Pro units since last week. He also added that other stores are also taking the same initiative.

In 2012, Apple had launched its last non-Retina Macbook Pro. Except for the current MacBook Air models, all the existing MacBook Pro notebooks have Retina displays. Hence, it makes sense for the company to phase-out legacy MacBook units.

The legacy MacBook devices can be found mentioned at the bottom of Apple’s store page for the MacBook Pro. These obsolete devices are not listed in the main product page.

The publication added that an executive from Apple Store in New York City tried to persuade in purchasing a Retina variant of MacBook Pro as the non-Retina models are expected to be outdated soon. He further stated that buying a refurbished Retina model would save more money than purchasing a legacy MacBook Pro that do not feature Retina display.

As mentioned above, the removal of legacy MacBook Pro models from Apple Stores indicate that the company will soon launch MacBook Pro 2016 with refreshed appeal. The Cupertino company is expected to launch MacBook Pro 2016 in two variants of 13 inches and 15 inches.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will not only sport slimmer chassis but also will be equipped with an OLED touch-sensitive panel above the keyboard that will replace the conventional functional keys. The new models are also rumored to be equipped Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Speculations are rife that MacBook Pro 2016 release date is scheduled to happen in last quarter of this year. Since Apple is heavily pegged to announce iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, it is likely that the MacBook Pro 2016 launch date will be set in October.