Hasbro's Monopoly: Fortnite Edition on display at a 'Dream Toys' event to unveil the top twelve toys this Christmas on November 14, 2018 in London, England. Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Developer Epic Games teased a major new “Fortnite” announcement for Thursday’s The Game Awards presentation, a reveal that would be totally unrelated to the impending launch of Season 7. Thanks to a YouTuber who was given early access to the new content, the world now knows that “Fortnite” will add a third mode called “Creative.”

YouTube creator Lachlan was invited to play the Creative mode ahead of its release at the end of this week and posted a 15-minute video outlining the mode in exacting detail, per Eurogamer. The video was removed from YouTube, but a mirror of it can be seen on Reddit.

Creative mode is exactly what it sounds like: A sandbox for “Fortnite” players to build their own worlds that they can share with their friends or the world at large using the game’s existing building tools. Players can place entire buildings in an instant and build deathmatch maps, obstacle courses or anything else they desire while setting up custom rules for their worlds.

Essentially, it adds an even bigger “Minecraft” element to “Fortnite.” Epic will supposedly make the official announcement at Thursday night’s The Game Awards show and launch the mode on either Thursday or Friday. It is not yet known if the mode will be free, like Battle Royale, or cost money, like Save the World.