The maker of ExtenZe, known for its late-night penis-enlargement commercials, has agreed to pay $1.75 million in penalties to settle an unfair business settlement.

California-based Biotab Neutraceuticals was accused by the Orange County district attorney's office of making unsubstantiated advertising claims for some of its supplements, most notably its penis-enlargement campaign.

The company did not admit or acknowledge any fault in the situation, but agreed to pay the settlement. In addition to the fine, the company must pay back all customers that haven't received refunds after filing complaints.

The Orange County office had previously gone after the company in 2006 for false advertising, and the company was forced to pay a $300,000 fine at the time.

The company is known for its unintentionally hilarious series of late-night commercials. Actors often questioned the veracity of male enhancement before some testimonial showing the power of the pill.

Here is a recent ExtenZe video featuring former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson.