A man was arrested for killing his four-month-old daughter while having sex with his wife in the east African nation of Malawi on Friday.

Lazaro Banda, 22, hit his daughter, Tereza, on her head to stop her from crying while having sexual intercourse with his wife Everesi on Friday night. The two then went to a nearby farm leaving the baby alone at home. They spent over seven hours on the farm and when they returned home in the wee hours on Saturday, they found the baby lying dead, local daily Malawi 24 reported.

The incident was reported to the village headman who then alerted the police. The body was taken to a nearby hospital for autopsy which revealed the baby had died due to severe head injury.

The father was taken into custody. Though the investigation is ongoing, it is believed that the parents went to the farm after realizing the baby was dead.

In a similar incident earlier in January, a man killed his daughter after a fight with his wife over her overuse of social media in Kenya. Mwangi, 23, had a disagreement with his wife over her social media use. The following night, their landlady heard the wife screaming and went to ask what the matter was. The man told the landlady that the wife had started screaming after he confronted her over the matter. While Mwangi was narrating the incident, his wife hit him with a stone on the forehead.

The following morning, he informed the landlady his wife had left the house. The same afternoon, he sent a message to his wife asking her to come home if she wanted to see her two-year-old daughter’s dead body. When the wife reached the home, she found the baby lying lifeless with a piece of cloth tied to her neck and swollen private parts.

In another similar incident in November, a man in India slit his 6-month-old daughter's neck after an argument with his wife over her alleged extra-marital affair. The man told police he had heard people speaking about the affair and that in a fit of rage he slit his daughter's neck and cut her fingers after his wife refused to give him answers. The man was taken into custody while his daughter underwent treatment at a local hospital.