• Real Madrid have decided not to sign Spurs' Harry Kane
  • Man Utd and Juventus are set to battle out to sign the forward
  • Real have decided against Kane due to coronavirus' financial impacts

Real Madrid reportedly have pulled out off the race to sign Tottenham star Harry Kane and that would leave the likes of Juventus and Manchester United chasing the English forward ahead of the summer transfer window.

When Kane, who has been associated with Spurs since 2009, recently expressed that it’s time for him to part ways with the club to better his chances to win trophies in his career, Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy is understood to have accepted his decision gracefully and is looking for options to sell Kane.

In the past, Spurs have favored Real in several occasions in regards to transfers ahead of England rivals Man Utd. In 2012, Spurs rejected Man Utd’s offer for Croatian midfielder Luka Modric and later, they sold him off to Real for $37 million.

At that time, Levy announced a business deal with the Bernabeu side. “Luka has been a terrific player for us and, while we preferred not to part with him, we are pleased that it is to Real Madrid,” he had said in a press conference.

The same scenario repeated in 2013 when Man Utd made advances to sign then Spurs star Gareth Bale. David Moyes, who was Man Utd’s boss back then, was keen on signing the Welsh striker. However, Levy preferred to sell Bale to Real instead for a massive deal of $106m.

However, it looks like Man Utd can finally sign a Spurs star since Real have backed out from the battle to sign Kane, as reported by Sportsmail. The report further stated that Real have decided not to sign Kane because the expected financial effects of LaLiga's own lockdown have forced them to come to the conclusion that they would make no major signing this summer.

While Real players announced a 10% pay cut for the rest of the season this month, they have also agreed to take a 20% salary cut if the season cannot be completed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, the current lockdown situation has worsened Spurs’ financial situation. Their pending payments on a new $1.2 billion-stadium mean the London club could suffer the impact of the current lockdown more than any other Premier League club.

Sergio Ramos (left) took to a treadmill while it was the garden with his dog for his Real Madrid teammate Benzema
Sergio Ramos (left) took to a treadmill while it was the garden with his dog for his Real Madrid teammate Benzema AFP / CRISTINA QUICLER

It is also understood that Real’s top priority right now is young talented star Kylin Mbappe, whose current Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) contract is set to end in 2022. Real could also approach the French side next season, when the forward will have only 12 months left on his deal and PSG would want to sell him for a huge price instead of letting him leave as a free agent.