• Manchester United is facing a big problem if they make the Champions League circle
  • Manchester United players' wage increase looms if the Red Devils reach Champions League
  • The Red Devils may find it difficult to offer players bigger salaries this summer

Manchester United remains linked to a possible Jadon Sancho acquisition, but the Red Devils would need to come up with Borussia Dortmund's asking price. One solution is to unload several of their existing players to gain financial flexibility.

Unfortunately, United could be in for some complications this summer if they unload some of their current players.

According to The Athletic, the Red Devils will be offering players such as Alexis Sanchez, Marcos Rojo, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling. In addition, Jesse Lingard and Diogo Dalot are also up for grabs.

The asking price is crucial at this point for most clubs, particularly due to the financial strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. Depending on how they perform for the rest of the way, there looms another problem for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. A lot of that depends on whether United can secure a Champions League seat.

They have been performing well since the football restart, winning three of their last four games. And if their run continues they may face an unusual predicament tied to potential deals.

If the Red Devils do make it to the Champions League circle, their players are due for a 25% wage increase. Knowing that most teams are now particular about wages, this could hinder their plans of unloading some players who already hold hefty salaries.

With that in mind, United may find itself in a bit of a bind trying to offload players and make room for new ones. Sancho alone will cost a lot, though the Red Devils have set a ceiling offer for the English winger.

As mentioned in a previous report, United revealed that they will not spend anything beyond $61 million for Sancho, which could technically take the club out of the running. Borussia Dortmund is asking $141 million and has no plans of relaxing that demand.

United vice-chairman Ed Woodward had already made it known that they may hold off on lavish spending this summer. Regardless, Solskjaer believes that his proposals are both sensible and realistic and would benefit the club.

"I always think long term and try to make good deals. I’m always quite careful with money – personal money as well," Solskjaer said.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says the club won't hold a Middle East training camp
Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says the club won't hold a Middle East training camp AFP / Paul ELLIS