• Ceballos living up to name as influential player on Arsenal
  • Ceballos open to stay at Emirates Stadium longer
  • Arteta reveals new deal in the works for Ceballos

Dani Ceballos is still on loan from Real Madrid with Arsenal F.C. although recent reports point to him staying on at Emirates Stadium. Mikel Arteta already bared he wanted to work on something to keep the 23-year-old midfielder in a Gunners uniform, seeing how Ceballos has thrived under his watch.

Ceballos has shown that he would love to remain with the Gunners, aware that he no longer has any place over at Real Madrid. And if his recent Instagram post is any indication, it appears Ceballos has gotten pretty comfy with Arsenal, egging them recover quickly after failing to come up with a win against Leicester City.

"We have to keep in mind yesterday's positive aspects. Although we are a little frustrated by the result, we still managed to have control over the match almost until the end. We have to get back on our feet quickly and learn from our mistakes. There's no time for regrets. We go for all this Sunday! This is my team! Let's go Gunners! " the post read.

Ceballos has become one of the influencers in the club aside from forming a great midfield partnership with Granit Xhaka. He has also adapted well to the system of Arteta. With so many positives, there is no question that both Spaniards were able to hit it off well. This is even though Arteta had to wait a bit since Ceballos was coming off an injury when he came on board.

Hence, Ceballos had to work his way and prove to Arteta that could blend in with the new direction. His efforts did not go unnoticed with Arteta realizing how important Ceballos is for the Gunners.

"The running that he’s putting in, the tackles, every time with the interceptions, his desire to win that ball back and help the team, he’s improved so much and he looks a really good player at the moment," Arteta said in a previous post.

Dani Ceballos of Arsenal FC
Dani Ceballos of Arsenal FC Getty Images | Roland Krivec/DeFodi Images

For his part, Ceballos has grown to respect Arteta as well, admitting he has learned a lot from the 38-year-old manager. But the best part of it is that he enjoys playing for the Gunners. A new deal should be known soon, meaning Ceballos will likely still be around at least for another season in an Arsenal uniform.