• MMA trainer Rashad Hollowayclaims his pupil Tony Ferguson resembles the fighting style of Manny Pacquiao
  • Holloway defended his theory and said Ferguson became a UFC star because of his unorthodox style
  • Ferguson suffered a brutal loss in the hands of Justin Gaethje at UFC 249

MMA trainer Rashad Holloway claims his UFC star pupil Tony Ferguson has the same fighting style as eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao.

In his stellar career, Pacquiao has managed to convince the world that age is just a number. At 41, he is still a top-tier welterweight and has been continuously put on the same breath as modern day boxing superstars such as Terence Crawford and Errol Spence. In fact, many believe that Pacquiao can also outbox UFC star Conor McGregor.

Pundits analyzed that one thing that makes Pacquiao special is his unique style of fighting. Unlike most boxers, “Pac-Man” managed to maintain his aggressive fighting style regardless of his age. His speed and footwork were remarkably way above everybody else but even to this day, nobody has ever really telegraphed the way he throws his combinations, making experts conclude that his style is considered “unorthodox.”

In a recent interview with Essentially Sports, former professional boxer and MMA trainer Rashad Holloway made a bold comparison between his pupil Ferguson, a UFC lightweight contender and Pacquiao. According to Holloway, Ferguson is “a freak” and fights like no other. He certainly thinks that Ferguson fights in a stance and method that seem to go against the norm, a fighting style which resembles to only one fighter – Pacquiao.

“Tony is interesting. Tony is one of the most unorthodox guys. Tony reminds me of Manny Pacquiao. Me and Pacquiao, we used to train and spar together for years. And Pacquiao did everything wrong! The textbook he didn’t do everything correctly, the way it’s supposed to be done he didn’t. Pacquiao could be off his feet. He could be on his front leg and still hurt you. He just did things that weren’t textbook and it worked. Tony is like that,” Holloway explained.

Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao beat Adrien Broner on Saturday night to retain his WBA welterweight title. In this picture, Pacquiao in the ring during the WBA welterweight championship against Adrien Broner at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 19, 2019. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Holloway further defended his theory and insisted that he’s not making the said claim because he’s with Ferguson’s camp. He pointed out that the unorthodox fighting style Ferguson and Pacquiao possess have helped the UFC star become who he is today.

“He’s just a freak. I don’t say it because I train him. I say it because it’s a reality. He does things they said you’re not supposed to. It works! He’s just so unorthodox, and it works for him. That’s what makes him, him!,” Holloway pointed out.

Despite being lauded for his fighting style, Ferguson suffered a brutal loss at UFC 249. Justin Gaethje completely dismantled him in the fourth round to become the UFC lightweight interim champion.

Justin Gaethje (L) of the United States punches Tony Ferguson (R) of the United States in their Interim lightweight title fight during UFC 249 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena Justin Gaethje (L) of the United States punches Tony Ferguson (R) of the United States in their Interim lightweight title fight during UFC 249 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena Photo: Getty Images | Douglas P. DeFelice