The amount of time and effort it takes to flush weed out of your urine depends on several factors, including how much you typically use and how often. Whether it’s for general cleansing or preparation prior to testing, the good news is that cannabis is not a permanent fixture in one’s bloodstream and can definitely be removed, just in varying lengths of time.

If you used marijuana just once, you can expect it to be in your urine for around seven days, but if you use it regularly, it can take up to 100 days before it gets out of your system without any deliberate interventions. Here are several ways to flush marijuana out of your body naturally. 

1. Immediate abstinence

Stop consuming marijuana the moment you find out that you have to take a test and then drink lots of water. While this an obvious move, continuing will only make your situation worse and the THC harder to flush out.

2. Drink lots of natural diuretics

These included the likes of green tea, cranberry juice, and ginger root tea. These beverages are known diuretics and will make you pee frequently before you have to take the test. Some say this gives an almost immediate effect, although it’s best to get started at least one week before. Consume at least two large glasses of these teas and juices daily to speed up the detox process. Aside from cleaning your system of weed, it will also be great for your liver.

3. Take vitamin B complex supplements

B vitamins are heavily depleted when you consume drugs or alcohol, and these are the same vitamins, niacin specifically, that have the ability to cleanse your body of toxins. Taking B vitamins will help your body recover faster, so it can function better in getting rid of any traces of weed. The same can also be said of calcium and magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin E among others. 

4. Consume vinegar

Vinegar has high acidity and can help eliminate traces of THC in the body. It has a strong flavor and smell, so some suggest to combine it with lemon juice to make it go down easier. Don’t drink too much, though, as large quantities of acid can affect pH levels in your urine and result in false tests.

5. Exercise and sauna

Exercising is a great way to get rid of toxins in the body fast. THC is typically stored in fats so getting physical for at least 30 minutes per day a week prior to an exam will help. Of course, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated while you work out so you will have plenty to sweat.