It seems like “Marvel Puzzle Quest” has hit the big time. After numerous downloads from app stores and plenty of updates, the super hero-themed puzzle game is now coming to consoles. Developer D3 also shocked many when it was also revealed that the console version of “Marvel Puzzle Quest” would be ditching the free-to-play plan.

According to Touch Arcade, the game will cost $14.99 and will not have any in-app purchases (IAP), aside from possible downloadable content (DLC) packs. The move is a bit shocking in multiple accounts, since free-to-play games have been making their mark on the PS4 and is what made “Marvel Puzzle Quest” popular to begin with.

Still many gamers applauded the move, especially since the game will be ridden of the IAPs that plague its mobile counterpart. Kotaku, in particular, praised the fact that players can simply play the game and get new heroes, as rewards. Furthermore, it seems like the heroes will be able to level up without ISO-8, or at the least, the currency will come more frequently.

“Marvel Puzzle Quest” is currently one of the most addictive games for any mobile device, as the battles are flashy and fun, while the heroes are nicely drawn and regularly updated. Most recently, the game added Red Hulk, 90’s Cyclops and Devil Dinosaur to its playable roster.

Characters range from classic heroes from the 80’s and 90’s to the more current ones from the new “Marvel NOW!” initiative. The game's roster currently has characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Ms. Marvel, the Fantastic Four and so much more.

The puzzle-roleplaying game (or puzzle RPG) recently celebrated its second anniversary by adding Galactus as a boss to take on in the mobile game. It looks like that wasn’t the only thing D3 planned for the game’s anniversary, now that the console version has been announced.

Fans interested in playing “Puzzle Quest” with Marvel super heroes can purchase “Marvel Puzzle Quest” on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 later this year. No official release date has been given for the acclaimed puzzle RPG, but fans who are curious about the game can download it on their iOS or Android device.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Comes to Console (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)