On the same day that the highly anticipated third and final title in the Mass Effect video game series was released, IGN, an American website devoted to video games, as well as films and music, posted videos of the three possible endings to Mass Effect 3 on YouTube. Revealing the different ways in which the sci-fi-action in which the player must rally the galaxy to help defend Earth from an invasion by the fearsome and murderous reapers.

The three endings are titled Synthesis, End Synthetic Life, and Control the Reapers. All three take place on earth but offer different approaches to fending off the alien invasion. Although the three options offer a wide array of conclusions it appears that protagonist Sam Sheppard dies in all three versions of the final battle.

One YouTube commented going by the handle jtrabbit360 wrote, Every ending is the same you die, then it fasts forward to say you are a legend.

According to several other YouTube comments there are as many as ten alternate ending, some of which allow the hero to survive and live happily ever after.

This is one of the paths the destroy ending can take, there is another that shows Shepard alive on Earth (Somehow), wrote YouTube user NPH37. But? that is the happiest ending you can really get.

Another commenter complained that the endings are all essentially interchangeable..

All The Endings are the same only with different colour laser-beams- Sheppard Dies, The Ship lands on an uncharted world, wrote user BadWolf117Returns.

No matter what ending you wind up with, the final battle in Mass Effect 3 should be worth the wait. In their review CNN writes that the game brings the series to a resounding and satisfying crescendo with tight combat, excellent storytelling and majestic visual effects.

Ending 1: Synthesis

Ending 2: End Synthetic Life

Ending 3: Control the Reapers!