Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will never face again according to the Filipino icon's top aide. Despite intensified calls by boxing fans, the media and spectators all over the world, the rematch between two of the sport's most charismatic fighters is officially over, for now. 

On Tuesday, Sean Gibbons, the president of MP Promotions told reporters at the Philippines that Pacquiao, Mayweather 2 won't be happening soon. 

The American matchmaker said that "there is no fight, there is no possibility at the moment." He reiterated that Floyd is "enjoying retirement." Gibbons addressed attendees and members of the Philippine press at the PSA Forum at the Amelie Hotel in Manila.

In 2015, the American undisputed welterweight champ outpointed Manny in a fight that was billed as the most significant event in boxing. The match was the culmination of a decade's worth of negotiations; it's also the richest fight in the history of the sport. 

Days after the fight, Pacquiao admitted that he fought on an injured shoulder which enraged a lot of people. After winning the 'super' WBA title from Keith Thurman last month, Manny is again pressuring Mayweather for a rematch.

 Verbal wars have been waged over who's the better fighter, with Floyd saying that Pacquiao has been riding his coattails for a long time. Manny retorted to take the high road and instead challenged Mayweather to a rematch, but it seems the hype is now over. 

Gibbons told the press that both fighters are "tied together" in the history of boxing. Pacquiao's close confidant also believes that the most celebrated Filipino boxer's legacy is "driving Floyd a little bonkers."

Gibbons also added that Manny has been on a roller coaster ride for the past few years but seems to have rejuvenated his career with Al Haymon's PBC. The president of MP Promotions was all praises for his best fighter, saying that "at 40 years old, he's creating history." 

Despite Pacquiao's challenge, Floyd has repeatedly said that he is content in his retirement. "The only answer is that Floyd Mayweather knows," quipped Gibbons at the Manila event. 

In the meantime, Gibbons announced that Manny's camp is interested in Danny Garcia, Mikey Garcia or Shawn Porter. Pacquiao will be taking the rest of the year off and he plans to fight again in 2020. 

But the American executive is still hoping for a Mayweather rematch; he added that "only time will tell."