Mazda Motor Corporation (MZDAY) has issued a recall on its 2019 Mazda3 vehicles because they have the potential to lose their wheels while driving. The recall affects 25, 003 cars that were produced from Sept. 25, 2018, to April 19, 2019.

The wheel issue stems from a “manufacturing process error” that is caused by a gap in between the wheel hub bolts and hub flanges. This can cause the lug nuts to come loose and fall off during normal driving conditions, which could lead to the wheels falling off the moving car.

The company has not received any reports of accident, injury, or fatality from the faulty wheels.

The vehicles were produced in Mazda’s Japanese and Mexican plants.

To combat the issue, the company has incorporated additional steps into the manufacturing process to ensure the lug nuts are tightly secured so the wheels will stay on when driving.

To repair the issue, Mazda dealers will tighten all potentially loose lug nuts free of charge, the company said. Affected vehicle owners will be notified of the recall by early August.

The recall number is 3519F.

Shares of Mazda stock were up 1.07 percent as of 10:38 a.m. ET on Monday.