McDonald's Happy Meal
A photo illustration of a Happy Meal at McDonald's.

A Taiwanese man’s tongue was pierced by a needle when he bit into his McDonald’s burger at his home Monday.

Shih Kai-hsiang, 27, said he picked up the hamburger on his way home from work. While having it, he started bleeding profusely from his mouth after which he noticed a bent needle in the meal. He took the photo of the needle as evidence and went to the fast food joint for an explanation. The staff apologized and offered him a full refund. One of them also accompanied him to the hospital where he was given a tetanus shot in order to prevent infection, Yahoo 7 reported.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Kai-hsiang posted the photo of the burger with a bent needle in it. "Oh my, it's possible to get injured just from eating McDonald's,” he wrote in the post.

The post went viral and received over 21,000 likes.

"That's so scary, luckily he didn't swallow the needle!” one Facebook user commented. "Thankfully it wasn't a child who ate the burger," another added.

Speaking to the local media, Kai-hsiang said, “I was eating the burger at home when the needle jabbed my tongue. It hurt a lot and I started bleeding when I pulled the needle out.”

Meanwhile, McDonald’s issued a statement saying the sharp metal object had fallen from a cleaning equipment during use. The company also promised to review its food production process and training of staff in order to avoid such incidents in the future, Asia One reported.

However, Kai-hsiang wasn’t convinced.

“I'd stay away from McDonald's for the time being,” he told the local media, adding “I had such high expectations for McDonald’s quality control, but look where that got me.”

It was, however, unclear if the company was planning to compensate the man for the horrifying experience.