O la la, j'adore le MacDo Reuters

French McDonald's has added the "McBaguette" to its menu.

The fast-food burger restaurant is now offering customers a taste of Paris with the new item. The McBaguette comes with apricot and raspberry jams, or orange marmalade made "artisanally by a producer in the Pyrenees."

Insert "Pulp Fiction" style "Royale with Cheese" joke here.

"The French are passionate about bread and crazy about baguettes," Nawfal Trabelsi, senior vice president for McDonald's operations in France and southern Europe, told Le Figaro.

The French eat nine sandwiches for every burger, according to Reuters, so the new offering will allow McDonald's to enter the crispy, traditional market.

For breakfast, people in France will be able to get a steaming cup of McCafe coffee in a china demi-tasse while they much on their buttery bread.

McDonald's first came to France in the late 1970s.

"For the first 15 years... what we did above all was offer people a slice of America," Trabelsi said.

The restaurant has made a number of changes recently to give diners healthier food choices. On Tuesday, McDonald's announced that it would make Happy Meals more nutritious by adding apple slices, making the french fry box smaller, and giving kids milk instead of soda.