In his opening speech at the Davos world economic forum in Switzerland, Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev touched on a number of subjects, including why he was late to the confab – the suicide bombing in a Moscow airport that killed 35 people.

Condemning those who perpetrated the attack, Medvedev said the terrorists had “miscalculated” his resolve to attending Davos. He said the attackers wanted to bring Russia to its knees and to try to thwart his attempts to woo foreign investment.

The President also discussed how Russia is seeking to attract more investment into the country and to establish more economic cooperation with European Union. He also took the opportunity to highlight Russia’s ambitious privatization program – including the modernization of key sectors like energy and mining.

I'm convinced that democracy will continue to develop, thanks to economic modernization, he said.
Responding to those who criticize Russia, Medvedev said “sometimes the criticism is well-deserved, sometimes absolutely not… Today we are the way we are We are learning and willing to receive friendly advice. What we don't need is lecturing, we should be working together.

Medvedev also suggested that the currencies of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) should be included into the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s special drawing rights.
The President also noted his commitment to maintaining freedom on the internet.

Russia will not support initiatives that put in doubt freedom in the Internet, freedom which is based on the requirements of morality and law, he Medvedev , adding that any such restrictions would bring the world to stagnation.