Caiden Cowger, an outspoken 14-year-old conservative talk show host, is making headlines with his latest pronouncements.

During his May 26 broadcast, Cowger went on an anti-homosexual rant that suggested the homosexuality problem is out of control in his home state of West Virginia.

The host of the Caiden Cowger Show states that 30 youngsters in his county -- many of them people he grew up with -- have chosen to be gay, and he goes on to blame President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for turning Americans into homosexuals.

The four-minute YouTube clip shows Cowger saying that kids are turning gay because they are being encouraged by it. President Obama [says] 'It's all right, it's OK, you were born that way.'

Cowger then says that rather than telling America's homosexual youth that they need to turn back while they can, Obama is supporting the idea that homosexuals should be able to get married.

During the rant, the conservative teen makes a point of saying that while he is not in favor of bullying homosexuals, he is in favor of spreading the word of God.

When you're trying to teach them the word of God and they consider that bullying, yeah I find that a big problem with not being allowed to convert other people to my religion and telling them it is wrong, Cowger says. Homosexuality, the belief, is condemned by God and you will go to Hell if you continue to follow this belief.

Cowger has broadcast many previous shows in which he bashes politicians and lawmakers for supporting gay marriage.

His website is covered in propaganda and rhetoric that pokes fun at the president and boasts ads in support of other politicians. According to Cowger's Facebook page, his show appears on CCRadio, RSTR, and Speaker Web Radio as well as YouTube. He has interviewed former presidential candidate Herman Cain and West Virginia Republican Senate candidate John Raese.

Check below to see the full YouTube clip of Caiden Cowger's anti-homosexual rant:

Obama Is Making Kids Gay