Megyn Kelly is being petitioned on the Internet to ingest pepper spray on television following her controversial characterization of the crowd control mechanism as a food product, essentially.

The petition, which has been signed by 12,785 people as of early Wednesday morning, reads as follows:

Eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray on national television

Ms. Kelly, on November 21, you told Bill O'Reilly that pepper spray (as used by Lt. John Pike to assault the UC Davis protesters) is a food product, essentially. That was, of course, ridiculous.

While you allowed that the spray was abrasive and intrusive, you wondered if it had been diluted (reportedly, it hadn't).

To back up your claim that pepper spray is a food product, please consume as much of it as was sprayed on each protesters face, in one sitting, on camera at Fox News. You may mix the spray with one serving of food or drink, as I am not a sadist. Then, please relate the effects to your audience.

According to the site, the petition is hoping to get 15,000 signatures.

The controversy started when Kelly made the comparison in an appearance on The O'Reilly Factor earlier this week and was discussing the incident involving students and police at the University of California-Davis last week.