A UFO enthusiast claims to have found evidence of alien life existing in planet Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.

NASA’s telescopes and rovers take photos of other planets and moons so that scientists and researchers can study them. A prominent alien hunter who continually digs through these photos claims to have objects of technological and religious significance in one of them.

UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring said that a photo showing an unnamed location in planet Mercury reveals two key details that could prove the existence of aliens. He explained his findings in an entry on the ET Database.

Waring said one of Mercury’s craters seems to have some sort of “tower” standing inside it. This is not just any tower, Waring said, but a huge one likely used as a docking port of sorts.

Waring estimates that this tower is a really tall one. “Most craters on other planets and moons are about 10-30km across,” he said. “So I will take the low number 10km and the tower is 1/3 the diameter of the crater making it 3km tall.”

Waring doesn’t stop there. He said that “[i]f this unknown crater is 30km across, then this tower is actually 10km tall!” Waring believes that this tower is some sort of docking port ten kilometer-wide alien spaceships can land on.

The self-titled UFO expert said aliens can build a tower that tall because the planet’s gravity will allow it. He explained that Mercury’s gravity is only 38% of the Earth’s gravity, which means any building built on that planet will weigh 62% less compared to when built on Earth. This amount of gravity will allow taller structures to be built.

Waring also claims to have found a statue of a praying person a distance away from the “tower.” This “statue” doesn’t show anything but what he claimed as a “head,” an “arm” and “praying hands.” He said that, based on the tower and statue’s proximity to one another, the tower could also have some sort of religious significance.

Mind tricks?

Mr. Waring has made many claims relating to alien life for years. Recently, he claimed to have discovered evidence proving ancient Egyptians are from Mars, and proof of alien life nearby in Mount Shasta, California.

Other experts said this kind of phenomena -- seeing figures and shapes in unrelated objects and photos -- is nothing but a psychological mind trick called “pareidolia.”

Alien spaceship
The saucer prop used in the 1951 film "The Day The Earth Stood Still" is pictured here. A recently publicized memo from the FBI is seen by some as proof of alien visitations. Reuters