A family member reads an MH370 briefing report before a closed-door meeting in Putrajaya, Malaysia, July 30, 2018. REUTERS/Sadiq Asyraf

An investigator has claimed to have found missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370's main body on Google Maps images of a Cambodian jungle. The fuselage was allegedly near the same area where video producer Ian Wilson claimed to have spotted the Boeing 777-200.

According to pilot Daniel Boyer, who spoke to the Daily Star, he believes he found the body of MH370 just a few days after he allegedly discovered the tail and the cockpit of the aircraft on Google Maps. He said he had Google Maps images to back his claim.

Boyer even added the images not only show the plane's fuselage but also Malaysia Airlines lettering. However, these claims could not be verified and there has been no official statement from authorities to support the latest theory.

“I really think this image could show the plane’s body. If you look closely enough you can see the ‘y’ from the logo, with the cabin windows below. This is definitely a plane wreckage of some sort and needs to be investigated," Boyer told the Daily Star.

Over the weekend, Boyer alleged new Google Maps photos of the Cambodian region showed several white objects, some of which were likely the tail and the cockpit of Flight MH370. However, these claims also could not be verified independently since no such objects could be seen on the maps.

The latest claims supported Wilson's assertion that flight MH370, which went missing March 8, 2014, went down in the Cambodian jungle. The plane was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it went off radar with 239 people on board.

Wilson currently was preparing to enter the jungle to search the new locations where the plane could be found.

Despite a multimillion-dollar search operation in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean, authorities found no clue into the plane's disappearance. In July, Malaysia released a full report detailing the investigation into the plane's disappearance. Investigators wrote in the report they were unable to determine what happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight.

Families of those on board the missing jetliner are still waiting for a closure as they suspect a major cover-up by governments involved in the search of the plane.

The biggest lead in the investigation came when a plane flaperon was found by villagers on Réunion Island. Confirmed fragments of the jet were found on Réunion Island, Mauritius and the coast of Tanzania, with debris “almost certain” to be from MH370 found in Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar.

Since the plane disappeared, many conspiracy theories have emerged. Some claimed the pilot crashed the plane in a "death-dive," while others hinted at a possible hijack. Certain theorists claimed MH370 was shot down by military forces, while some claimed the plane was accidentally shot down during a joint U.S.-Thai military exercise, with many even blaming North Korea of doing so. There were also some who alleged the jet entered another Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, which is located in Asia in the Indian Ocean.