• Michael Jordan's personal trainer Tim Grover made a bold claim about the infamous "Flu Game"
  • Grover claims Jordan was food poisoned moments before the game but calling it a flu game sounded better
  • Jordan still scored 38 points and hit the game-winning shot during "The Flu Game"

Michael Jordan’s personal trainer Tim Grover revealed that MJ had a “food poisoning game” and not a “flu game” during the iconic game 5 of 1997 NBA Finals.

ESPN’s “The Last Dance” may have already revealed shocking stories about the greatest basketball player of all time. However, Jordan’s NBA career had too many revelations to be summarized in a 10-part documentary series. In fact, Jordan’s longtime personal trainer, Grover, recently revealed a story which was not told in the “The Last Dance” – the real story behind “The Flu Game.”

In a recent appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast (via Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports Chicago), Grover modified history by claiming that Jordan did not really play with a bad flu. Instead, Grover said he was “100 percent” sure that the then-Bulls star got food poisoning moments before the game.

“100 percent it was food poisoning. 100 percent. But obviously it just sounds better to be the ‘Flu Game’ than the ‘Food Poisoning Game’,” Grover claimed.

The veteran NBA trainer further revealed that Jordan ate a couple of slices of pizza from the only food vendor operating at Park City, Utah at the time. Grover said he already sensed something terrible about the said food but Jordan dismissed it and went on to eat.

“I said, ‘Michael, I got a bad feeling about this. And he was like, ‘Ah man, f--k you.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ Then, about 3 o’ clock in the morning, I get a call to my room that just says, ‘Hey, man, come to MJ’s room’ and he’s literally curled up in the fetal position,” Grover recalled.

“I’ve not known any flu that can hit you that fast, but I know how quick food poisoning can hit you,” Grover added.

Whether Grover was telling the truth about “The Flu Game” or not, one thing remains a fact. It was how Jordan hit the game-winning shot d uring Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. With or without a flu, Jordan managed to score 38 points on a 13-for-27 field goal shooting. He also grabbed seven rebounds and dished out five assists to lead the Bulls to its fifth NBA title.

Meanwhile, “The Last Dance” is now down to its final two episodes – 8 and 9. Episode 7 closed down with interviews from former Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller, the player who recently stated that he will never bow down to Jordan.

The Last Dance focuses on the 1998 playoffs when Michael Jordan won his sixth and last title as the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz in the finals
The Last Dance focuses on the 1998 playoffs when Michael Jordan won his sixth and last title as the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz in the finals AFP / ROBERT SULLIVAN