Most of the time, an audience watching a cheerleading routine expects perfection-knowing how hard and long cheerleaders practice it-99 percent of the time. Yet, there's always that one percent of tension that one slip-up can happen at any given time.

And yesterday that slip-up came to fruition.

A Michigan State University cheerleader, Taylor Young, fell on her head during a timeout in the first half of the Michigan State-Florida State game at the Breslin Center on Wednesday night, according to reports. She had been lifted by a male cheerleader on his shoulders, then seconds later, dropped by the male cheerleader who was supposed to catch her in his arms.

The end result was Young being strapped to a backboard that immobilized her head on a stretcher and taken to Sparrow Hospital, where her condition was stable.

MSU associate athletic director John Lewandowski confirmed to WZZM-Michigan that Young was discharged from the hospital early this morning.

Young, 20, and a junior from Twin Lake, Mich., may have been thrown off-balance by another cheerleader, who was descending from the air right before Young was.

While Young lay motionless soon after she hit her head, medical personnel treated her for a few minutes before rolling her away. As she was taken off the court, Young smiled and gave two thumbs-up.

Watch the video for yourself to see how the incident may have been caused: