Microsoft is offering an interesting program of cashbacks for using their search engine Bing, and the program came just in time before back to school sale buzz starts to kick in.

The Bing Cashback program (formerly Live Search Cashback) pays people to search with Bing. Microsoft revved up its competitiveness by doubling the cashback rewards, meaning you could get up to 50 percent cashback from online purchases when you use Bing as your search engine of choice.

How does it all work?

To start shopping through Bing and collect your cashback, all you need to do is conduct your search as usual and you'll notice a Bing cashback icon that you can click to expand to view all shopping results with listings that show item starting prices and the cashback percentage range.

You can then click Bing Cashback on individual listings and you'll either be directed to the site to make a purchase (and sign in with your account to earn rewards) or presented with a list of sellers, their price for each item, the cashback percentage, and shipping information.

Effectively the affiliate fee that a vendor would pay Microsoft for the traffic is going directly to you instead - and now it is being doubled for 3 weeks.