A worker adjusts a logo on the Microsoft stand at the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover
A worker adjusts a logo on the Microsoft stand at the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover, in this file photo. REUTERS

Microsoft Edge is the new internet browser that comes included in the Windows 10 OS package. Its InPrivate browsing mode that allows users to browse on the web anonymously has now come under the scanner as it has been found to store private browsing data on the hard drive.

A researcher named Ashish Singh has revealed through Forensic Focus even though the browser’s history does not store internet browsing record while using the InPrivate browsing mode, the entire browsing data can be found stored on the hard drive of the user.

He has revealed that the websites accessed through the InPrivate browsing mode are found stored in “Container_n” table of the WebCache file. It is the same place where sites visited through conventional browsing are stored. It indicates that a trained professional would be able to view all the tabs that were opened in the InPrivate browsing mode.

When The Verge accessed the WebCache file on Windows 10 PC, it was able to find proof of a website that was accessed in the InPrivate browsing mode after the session had finished.

It was neither able to find the “Container_n” table nor gain details of the entire web history from InPrivate browsing mode. Hence, the publication was able to partially confirm on Singh’s research and added that a skilled professional would find more success.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft has confirmed the shortcoming of Microsoft Edge’s private browsing feature. A spokesperson from the company said that the company will fix the issue as soon as possible.

According to Softpedia, few years ago other internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer also faced similar problem. However, their parent firms were able to resolve the issue soon. Since Internet Explorer already the patch, its revamped version, Edge browser was not expected to be plagued with such a problem.